I want Candy

I’m addicted to sweets. I know, who isn’t.

I did really well the first three days, but today, my sweets cravings are going to drive me crazy.


I am trying to think of some kind of way to trick myself. I know that I don’t really need sugar. I know that I’m just addicted to it. I know that if I give it enough time, the cravings will disappear.

I also know that I’ve cut down my carbs a lot, so the sweets cravings may actually be me crying out for glucose in any form. I am trying to become “fat adapted,” but this doesn’t mean I want to be ketogenic. It’s okay for me to burn some glucose.

So – I might be craving cookies or brownies or something horrible, but that’s not what I actually need.

Some ideas:

  1. I can try to simply eat more fat. I’ve been pretty conscientious of this, actually. Of course, today I didn’t have any eggs at all (that’s for another blog post). I also usually have some coconut milk with a shot of coconut oil, and I just wasn’t feeling it this morning. So, maybe I just need more fat.
  2. I’ve been tired today. I woke up tired. I got plenty of sleep, and felt like I should wake up, so I woke up. However, I think that I might have needed a little bit more sleep. I took a nap and am feeling a little bit better. Feeling tired always seems to make me crave not-good-for-me-foods.
  3. I might be starving myself of glucose. As in, I might be going too low-carb. Not sure. I haven’t tracked any of my macronutrients. I’m not sure how I feel about being too low carb. I’ve done it in the past, but then it always leads to the same thing – an eventual gorge-fest of carby foods. I really like Mark Sisson’s approach – being both a glucose burner and a fat burning “beast.” And being able to transition between the two easily.
    If this is the case – then I need to be sure I’m having some kind of starchy vegetable (which I haven’t had any of yet), or maybe fruit every once in a while. Obviously, I don’t want to overdo it on the fruit if I want to lose weight, but a little bit – some berries or a very small serving of some other fruit – probably won’t hurt me. And maybe that’s just what I need.


Well, I think that I did the best thing I could possibly do for now. Instead of eating anything, I sat down and typed up this blog post. Even though I want candy, treats, cookies, whatever, I know that I don’t! I don’t want to sacrifice my long-term health for this short term craving.

Maybe in the future, when I’m craving sweets, I’ll sit down and write a few hundred words about this – and then discover what I actually want and what I should do about it. Perhaps just taking a few moments to diffuse those thoughts will help me from mindlessly reaching for treats whenever the craving strikes.

What do you do when you crave sweets? What do you do to stave off sweets cravings? What do you think that your body is trying to tell you when you have these cravings?


2 thoughts on “I want Candy

  1. Guarantee I have a bigger sweet tooth! Whe I steered the primal blueprint 21 day challenge in January I was taunted by munchkins in the office. I love munchkins. First day was easy to pass up though. And at that time I still had a candy jar (dark chocolate resses) on my desk. Before the challenge I had to have a sweet after every meal. But that urge slowly waned. I still look at cookies longingly and now 3 months later I may have given in a few times. One thing we make at home is a paleo chocolate bark. Great recipe – 86% dark choc, coconut oil and u sweetened coconut. And I’ve had to trick myself with paleo muffins. Some things have turned out great – a few not so well. I haven’t refilled the candy jar on my desk though to the dismay of some. I do find gala apples and almond butter to satisfy the urge sometimes.


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