Hives!!!! An Update

So – since starting this primal experiment, my skin has been flaring up. I’m sure that I’ve already written about this. It is so frustrating. I feel like the better my diet gets, the worse my skin gets.

I was feeling frustrated about it a week ago on Saturday. Then I decided I would do Yoga – and I wouldn’t let my skin get me down. I was still kind of out of it, I can tell because I fell out of headstand (the wrong way), and then did this…

Knee vs Wall

It really made me upset for a second. I’m renting this house! Yikes!!! But I was doing yoga, and I felt like I needed to breathe through this minor frustration. Thankfully I didn’t hurt myself – I didn’t need to stop and attend to anything in the moment.

After breathing for a few seconds, I decided I’d finish up my practice. It was actually a good one, so that’s great. Then I got up with renewed zeal for my health goals and hope for my skin.

Sunday. Same old stuff. Itchiness. Yuck.

Monday. Major MAJOR flare up. My hands were an itchy, blistery mess. I had hives all up and down my arms, neck, chest, belly, and now – my scalp! Yes, apparently you can get hives on your scalp. It’s kind of gross, really.

Tuesday it still wasn’t calming down much.


I feel like the pictures can’t adequately show how annoying this is. Additionally, these are only my hands. I have hives all over my body.

So – Monday, I was so incredibly annoyed. What on earth was going on?! On Tuesday, I figured screw it! and I didn’t eat very healthy. The hives were starting to get better. (the pictures above, I actually took on Tuesday).

I can’t believe that eating crappy for me is better than eating healthy. Obviously there is something happening here, and I think that I finally figured out that nuts are making me nuts.

On Sunday, I made this coconut chicken, as I mentioned earlier, and it had peanut butter in it. In the past, nuts haven’t really bothered me – as far as I knew. Monday morning, my skin was horrible!

I also made the connection that any time I get strict with my diet (paleo/primal) I tend to eat more nuts. Usually, I stick to almonds, cashews, mac nuts. I love them. And when I’m eating healthy, I’ll have more of them in my diet.

This explains why my skin gets worse when I’m eating healthy. When I give up the health, I tend not to eat many nuts.

So – I’ve been really bland this week. No nuts. Nothing that would make my skin worse, and it is really clearing up. I feel more hopeful again, and happy about eating Paleo without having such horrible skin. Fingers crossed this is my problem, and from here on out, I’ll have success with a clean-eating lifestyle AND better skin.