Sick Days…

My family was sick all week last week. Coughing, congestion, etc. I was hoping that I wouldn’t get it. Actually, I was sleeping, taking Vitamin C, taking Vitamin D – all in hopes I wouldn’t get it.

I got it…not too bad, though! In fact, I haven’t had a cough at all. I have felt a little congested and very achy, so I took it easy on Saturday and Sunday.

Feeling good this morning, I decided to go for a run – of course, using the Primal Endurance/Maffetone method. I strapped on the hr monitor, called my mom (usually I listen to podcasts, but it is also a good time to talk on the phone), and set off. My hr started beeping pretty quickly into it. I was surprised because I didn’t feel like I was putting out much effort.

The entire exercise was really helpful, though. Yes, I knew that I was still getting over my sickness, but I didn’t feel like I should take another day off. I felt really upbeat and better than I have for the last few days. If I was dragging at all, I wouldn’t have gone out.

Even though I’m feeling better, my body is still recovering. I think that what I did today was fine – especially since I stayed in my heart rate. I guess that’s what I find interesting. I’m guessing that it was a lot easier to get to my max heart rate because my body is still under a little bit more stress. I’m really happy about having this heart rate monitor. And instead of getting upset, I just slowed down.

After my run/walk, I came home and felt super refreshed. All good signs. I hope that soon I’ll be able to go faster, but I’m willing to keep having faith about the Primal Endurance/Maffetone method.

Views – one of my favorite thing about running/walking

Moving Sloooooooow

I started the Maffetone/Primal Endurance method of aerobic training today. I’ll probably write about that more later and link up to some really helpful sites.

For now, I’ll just say that I was running walking slow. Much slower than I’d like to. So, I’m hoping that this works out.

I was tempted to add 5 more to my aerobic heart rate (as outlined: 180-Age). According to my age, I should be at 143. Of course, I have subtracted 5 because I’ve been dealing with an issue with my skin – inflammation. I know that I need to keep the lower heartrate of 138. It’s so slow, though.

Like I said, I was tempted to go up to 143, but I had the thought – instead of pushing up, I need to work on my problems with stress and inflammation. This will be handled with my diet and sleep. So, I’ve got renewed effort. Sleep! Paleo! Yay!